20 Famous People You Didn't Know Were Color-blind

From dichromacy to monochromacy there are different types of color blindness. While some have difficulty in distinguishing between red and green, others cannot differentiate blue from yellow. In rare cases, people suffer from total color blindness. Although total color blindness is rare, other types of color blindness is very common as it affects approximately 8% of men worldwide. Since it is common, many famous people have endured this condition and here is a list of such celebrities.
Birthday: 14 May 1984
Sun Sign: Taurus
Famous As: Co-Founder of Facebook
Mark Zuckerberg has confessed he finds blue as the most vibrant color. Incidentally, the most dominant color on Facebook is blue. It has been reported that he is red-green color-blind.
Birthday: 26 January 1925
Sun Sign: Aquarius
Died On: 26 September 2008
Famous As: One of the Most Influential Actors of 20th-Century
Paul Newman's captivating blue eyes could not distinguish between certain colors. It was the primary reason he could not fulfill his dream of becoming a navy pilot.
Birthday: 02 September 1964
Sun Sign: Virgo
Famous As: Canadian Actor Known for His Films: 'Speed', 'Point Break' and 'The Matrix' Film Series
It is reported that Keanu Reeves is color-blind.
Birthday: 21 June 1982
Sun Sign: Gemini
Famous As: Elder Son of King Charles III and His First Wife Diana
According to unnamed sources, it is claimed that Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, is color-blind.
Birthday: 19 August 1946
Sun Sign: Leo
Famous As: 42nd President of the United States
Bill Clinton finds it difficult to distinguish between red and green.