Celebrities Who Look Beautiful Even Without Makeup

In the much-glamorized world we live in, make-up has become an integral part of grooming. With celebrities, especially the female ones, flaunting different looks at various award functions and other events, it’s easy to understand the public’s fascination with make-up. However, a few women celebrities have now boldly decided to show-off their natural beauty more often by adopting the “no make-up look” that’s currently trending on the Hollywood circuit. And they look simply gorgeous, with nothing but their inner confidence glowing on their faces!

Birthday: 30 September 1964
Born In: Città di Castello, Umbria, Italy
Sun Sign: Libra
Monica Bellucci is a prime example of the term 'ageless beauty'. This natural beauty is the mother of two and a quinquagenarian, but her make-up free photos can often be misleading.

Birthday: 22 April 1986
Born In: Austin, Texas
Sun Sign: Taurus
Amber Heard is blessed with a naturally glowing skin that doesn’t need make-up. Quite rightly, she often steps out showing off her make-up free look while still looking as radiant as ever.

Birthday: 03 March 1982
Born In: Ely, Minnesota, United States
Sun Sign: Pisces
Jessica Biel’s Instagram page has a number of her beautiful, make-up free photographs, confirming that the actress is a natural beauty.

Birthday: 20 August 1974
Born In: Caserma Ederle, Italy
Sun Sign: Leo
Thanks to her beautiful facial features, such as big eyes and sharp nose, Amy Adams doesn’t need make-up to look attractive. Not to mention her spotless skin that glows naturally.

Birthday: 17 November 1978
Born In: London
Sun Sign: Scorpio
Not many actresses dare to pose for magazine covers sans make-up, but Rachel McAdams can afford to do exactly that as she doesn’t need make-up to look amazing. The actress went make-up free while posing for the cover of ‘Allure’ magazine and looked gorgeous as ever.