30 Of The Biggest Badasses In History

History is full of badasses who went to great lengths to achieve what they desired. From commanders to pirates, these individuals terrorized their opponents and displayed traits of heroism. Take a look at the list below to know about 30 such badasses who achieved what they wanted in style!

Also Known As: Temüjin, Emperor Fatian Qiyun Shengwu
Gender: Male
Birthday: 1158
Born In: Khentii Mountains, Mongolia
Died On: 18 August 1227
Famous As: Great Khan of the Mongol Empire (1206 - 1227)
The founder of the Mongol Empire, Genghis Khan, is believed to be the ancestor of 16 million descendants living today.

Gender: Male
Birthday: 16 June 1829
Born In: Arizpe Municipality, Mexico
Sun Sign: Gemini
Died On: 17 February 1909
Famous As: Leader

Geronimo was an influential leader of the Apache tribe, a group of indigenous people in the USA. He fought fiercely against the armies of the USA and Mexico. He was apprehended thrice and escaped every time. His bravery earned him the respect of his rivals.

Also Known As: Teddy, Theodore Roosevelt Jr., T. R.
Gender: Male
Birthday: 27 October 1858
Born In: New York, United States
Sun Sign: Scorpio
Died On: 06 January 1919
Famous As: 26th President of the United States (1901-1909)
Theodore Roosevelt delivered an 84-minute election campaign speech after being shot in the chest in 1912. The bullet was not removed, and it remained lodged in his chest until he died.

Also Known As: The White Death
Gender: Male
Birthday: 17 December 1905
Born In: Rautjärvi, Finland
Sun Sign: Sagittarius
Died On: 01 April 2002
Famous As: Sniper
Simo Häyhä, famously called "The White Death", was a Finnish sniper credited with over 500 sniper kills during the 'Winter War' between Finland and the Soviet Union. Arguably, it is the highest by a sniper in a major war.

Gender: Male
Birthday: 111
Born In: Thrace
Died On: 71
Famous As: Thracian Gladiator

Spartacus was a warrior, who was deserted by the Roman Army, sold as a slave, became a gladiator, escaped, raised an army, and handed over defeats to the formidable Roman Army.