Actors in Old Age Makeup vs How They Actually Look When They're Older

While acting is definitely a profession considered “glamorous”, there’s no denying the fact that actors don’t get to look hot and sexy all the time! Acting, as any other profession, is one that demands serious dedication from the professionals. For many young actors, this could mean wearing layers of makeup to look far mature than they actually are in order to portray a much-older character. Ever wondered if the actors actually aged the same way as depicted while wearing old age makeup?
Elizabeth Taylor
Birthday: 27 February 1932
Born In: Hampstead, London, England
Sun Sign: Pisces
Died On: 23 March 2011
Height: 5′2″

When Elizabeth Taylor was 32, she portrayed a 38-year old 'Martha' in 'Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf?' However, in reality, when Taylor was 38, it never seemed that she had aged.

Robert De Niro
Birthday: 17 August 1943
Born In: Greenwich Village, New York, United States
Sun Sign: Leo
Age: 80
Height: 5′10″
When he was 41 years old, Robert De Niro played a 70-year-old man in 'Once Upon a Time in America'. When he turned 70 in real life, he looked older than the character he played, thanks to a few extra wrinkles and bigger eyebags.
Anthony Hopkins
Birthday: 31 December 1937
Born In: Margam, Wales, United Kingdom
Sun Sign: Capricorn
Age: 86
Height: 5′9″
Anthony Hopkins was 56 years old when he played 'Col. William Ludlow,' who ages into his 70s, in the film 'Legends of the Fall'. When he turned 70 in real life, Hopkins looked older than the character he played in 'Legends of the Fall'.
Maggie Smith
Birthday: 28 December 1934
Born In: Ilford, Essex, England
Sun Sign: Capricorn
Age: 89
Height: 5′5″
Maggie Smith was 57 years old when she played an octogenarian named Wendy Darling in the 1991 film 'Hook'. When she turned 80 in real life, she looked older than 'Wendy Darling' because of extra wrinkles on her face.    
Max von Sydow
Birthday: 10 April 1929
Born In: Lund, Sweden
Sun Sign: Aries
Died On: 08 March 2020
Height: 6′4″
Max von Sydow was 43 years old when he played an 80-year-old man in the 1973 supernatural horror film 'The Exorcist'. When he turned 80 in real life, he looked similar to the character he portrayed in 'The Exorcist' with his eyebags being an exception.