Hottest American CEOs

The business world is definitely not the most glamorous of all industries, and who really cares whether or not a CEO is a smoking hot dude or good looking dame! It’s not an easy world to succeed in, and we respect and admire everyone who has managed to make it big in the ruthless, highly competitive business world. But let’s be honest: looks do matter, no? Life is definitely easier for the ones blessed with good looks and charisma. And who wouldn’t love to work under someone who’s legit eye candy? We have made a list of hottest American CEOs for you to ogle!

1. Claire Chambers

Born In: United States
Famous As: CEO of Journelle

The founder of the lingerie company ‘Journelle,’ Claire Chambers knows what makes a woman look hot. What more, she even has the physique to model for her own brand, although she chooses not to.

2. Alexa Von Tobel

Also Known As: Alexa
Birthday: 06 October 1983
Born In: Jacksonville, Florida, United States
Age: 36
Famous As: CEO of LearnVest
Thanks to her sexy personality and good fashion sense, this CEO of ‘’ has been featured in publications, such as ‘Shape Magazine’ and ‘Marie Claire'.

3. Kerry Knee

Born In: United States
Famous As: Business People
Apart from being a fitness freak, Kerry Knee's idea of turning pole dancing into a fitness program makes her one of the hottest CEOs.

4. Hilary Rowland

Birthday: 21 July 1983
Born In: Toronto, Canada
Age: 36
Famous As: Fashion designer

By making fitness an integral part of her life, the founder of ‘Urbanette Magazine’ maintains an attractive physique.

Also Known As: Tory Robinson
Birthday: 17 June 1966
Born In: Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, United States
Age: 53
Height: 5′4″
Famous As: Fashion Designer

As the founder of a fashion label, this businesswoman with impeccable fashion sense knows how to keep the hotness quotient soaring. In 2019, she was named ‘Woman of the Year’ by ‘Glamour’ magazine.