Celebrities Who Are Usually Mistaken For A Different Celeb

Celebrity lookalikes are not uncommon throughout the world. Common people who look like celebrities often make use of their looks to become famous. But what happens when two celebrities look similar to each other? It results in a lot of awkward moments involving fans and celebrities. Take a look at our list of celebrities who are usually mistaken for a different celebrity.


Tom Hardy and Logan Marshall-Green have an uncanny resemblance. When both sport a clean-shaven face, the similarities appear more prominently, especially the bone structure.


Though the age difference between Margot Robbie and Jaime Pressly is 13 years, it is highly impossible not to call them twins. They have strikingly similar features like blonde hair, bright eyes, straight smile, and bone structure.


Dax Shepard and Zach Braff were in denial when their respective fans claimed that they looked alike. However, when the duo had face-swapped photos, even they couldn't believe the marked resemblance they shared.

5. Amber Stevens West and Vanessa Morgan

Though these two celebrities look quite similar to each other, largely due to their high foreheads, they both have distinctive life and career. In fact, they don’t even share their nationality as Vanessa is a Canadian, while Amber is an American.