Celebrities Who Are Usually Mistaken For A Different Celeb

Celebrity lookalikes are not uncommon throughout the world. Common people who look like celebrities often make use of their looks to become famous. But what happens when two celebrities look similar to each other? It results in a lot of awkward moments involving fans and celebrities. Take a look at our list of celebrities who are usually mistaken for a different celebrity.


Tom Hardy and Logan Marshall-Green have an uncanny resemblance. When both sport a clean-shaven face, the similarities appear more prominently, especially the bone structure.


Bryce Dallas Howard and Jessica Chastain resemble each other so closely that Howard's father found it difficult to spot the difference between the two.

Not only are common people confusing Thandie Newton with Zoe Saldana but also celebrities like Victoria Beckham. It seems Victoria Beckham had a long conversation with Newton, all along assuming that she was Saldana.


In case Henry Cavill and Matt Bomer stood next to each other, one might need a magnifying glass to spot their dissimilarities.


A lot of fans of the American thriller drama TV series, 'Mr. Robot,' have mistaken Carly Chaikin for Kat Dennings. For most of them, it took a while to decipher.