Celebrities Who Have Insane Phobias

Do you know that your favorite celebrities have insane phobias just like the common people? These range from the phobia of paper, toes, mirrors, dolphins to the fear of water, seagulls, helicopters and elevators. Check out which celebrity suffers from which phobia.
Scarlett Johansson has Ornithophobia
Also Known As: Scarlett Ingrid Johansson
Gender: Female
Birthday: 22 November 1984
Born In: Manhattan, New York, United States
Sun Sign: Sagittarius
Age: 39
Height: 5′3″
Century: 21st Century
Famous As: Actress Known for Her Films: 'Marriage Story', 'Jojo Rabbit' and Her Role of 'Black Widow' in MCU Films
Scarlett Johansson may have laughed at Matt Damon for his fear of snakes while filming We Bought a Zoo, but she has her own fears as well. Scarlett Johansson has ornithophobia which is the fear of birds. She has said that she can’t stand the sight of birds and feels that there is something about the beaks and the flapping of the wings.
Jennifer Lawrence has Multiple Fears
Also Known As: Jennifer Shrader Lawrence
Gender: Female
Birthday: 15 August 1990
Born In: Indian Hills, Kentucky, United States
Sun Sign: Leo
Age: 33
Height: 5′9″
Century: 21st Century
Famous As: Actress
Jennifer Lawrence suffers from the fear of death, ghosts, and family. In one of her interviews, she also revealed that she suffers from arachnophobia, the fear of spiders. She also went on to say that she fears she might annoy people.
Johnny Depp Fears Clowns
Also Known As: John Christopher Depp II
Gender: Male
Birthday: 09 June 1963
Born In: Owensboro, Kentucky, United States
Sun Sign: Gemini
Age: 61
Height: 5′10″
Century: 20th Century, 21st Century
Famous As: Actor and Producer Best Known for His Role in the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' Film Series
Johnny Depp might have played some of the most quirky characters ever written however, he may not play a joker or a clown as he suffers from coulrophobia which is a fear of clowns. The fake smile and painted face are said to have troubled Johnny Depp in the past.
Katy Perry Fears the Dark
Also Known As: Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson
Gender: Female
Birthday: 25 October 1984
Born In: Santa Barbara, California, United States
Sun Sign: Scorpio
Age: 39
Height: 5′8″
Century: 21st Century
Famous As: American Singer Who Has Greatly Influenced Modern Pop Music
Katy Perry suffers from nyctophobia which is an irrational or extreme fear of the darkness or of night. In 2010, she revealed in one of her interviews that her fear is so overpowering that she even sleeps with the lights on as she thinks evil things happen in the dark.
Uma Thurman is Claustrophobic
Also Known As: Uma Karuna Thurman
Gender: Female
Birthday: 29 April 1970
Born In: Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Sun Sign: Taurus
Age: 54
Height: 5′11″
Century: 20th Century, 21st Century
Famous As: Best Known for Her Roles in the Films: 'Pulp Fiction' and 'Kill Bill: Volume 1 & 2'
Uma Thurman is best known for her performance in the Kill Bill movie series. In one of the films, Thurman was made to lie inside a coffin as part of the performance. Uma Thurman performed well in the film in spite of being claustrophobic. During the film promotion, she commented on her fear of confined spaces.