Famous Role Models You Would Like To Meet

We all have famous role models we are inspired to emulate, don’t we? Prominent and successful personalities across the fields of science, arts, entertainment, sports, politics, and law inspire us to give it our best shot when it comes to chasing our dreams. Often times, meeting our beloved role models in person is a dream we don’t actually believe to be achievable. However, imagine if we could indeed meet them? Who would you love to meet?

Birthday: 14 March 1879
Born In: Ulm, Kingdom of Württemberg, German Empire
Died On: 18 April 1955
Famous As: Physicist

Albert Einstein, the ‘Nobel Prize’ winning physicist, was one of the most significant contributors to the field of theoretical physics. His ‘Theory of Relativity’ and the ‘Law of Photoelectric Effect’ paved the way for a better understanding of quantum mechanics. Modern scientists are building on his research to find answers to their questions.

Also Known As: Marie Sklodowska-Curie
Birthday: 07 November 1867
Born In: Warsaw, Poland
Died On: 04 July 1934
Famous As: First woman to win a Nobel Prize

Marie Curie has many firsts in her life. The first woman to win the ‘Nobel Prize,’ the first person and the only woman to win the ‘Nobel Prize’ twice and the only person to win it for different fields. She is not just an idol for scientists but also people in general.

Birthday: 12 February 1809
Born In: Hodgenville, Kentucky, United States
Died On: 15 April 1865
Famous As: American President.

Even today, Abraham Lincoln continues to top polls as America's greatest president and is remembered as the country's martyr hero.

Birthday: 12 June 1929
Born In: Frankfurt am Main, Weimar Germany
Died On: 01 March 1945
Famous As: Writer

Anne Frank was one of the most talked-about victims of the Holocaust. Her diary published as ‘The Diary of a Young Girl’ described her life in hiding. It is a great source to understand the life of the victims and also formed a base for the literary depiction of their way of life.

Also Known As: Diana, Princess of Wales
Birthday: 01 July 1961
Born In: Sandringham
Died On: 31 August 1997
Famous As: Member of the British Royal Family

Princess Diana touched the lives of many through charity work and her involvement with AIDS patients. Her legacy has had a major impact on British society and the royal family in particular.