Historical Figures Whose Descendants Bear A Shocking Resemblance To Them

Not all descendants of historical figures go on to achieve popularity like their forefathers. However, some go on to make a name for themselves in their respective field and career. While many of them enjoy their well-earned fame, some receive extra attention for resembling their famous ancestors. Here is a list of such descendants who bear a shocking resemblance to their popular ancestors.
Elvis Presley and Daughter Lisa Marie Presley
Like father like daughter is very much true for Lisa Mary Presley. Not only does she resemble her father, but she also followed in his footsteps and made a successful career in music.
Kim Jong-Il and Son Kim Jong-Un
Kim Jong-Un looks like his father Kim Jong-Il, so much so that conspiracy theorists could have us believing that Kim Jong-Un succeeded his father just because he looks exactly like him!
Jimmy Carter and Son James Carter

Jimmy Carter's son James Earl Carter III closely resembles his famous father. James has two children, namely  Margaret Alicia Carter and James Earl Carter.

Napoleon Bonaparte and Son Count Alexandre Joseph Colonna Walewski
Count Alexandre Joseph Colonna Walewski was rumored to be the illegitimate son of Napoleon Bonaparte. In 2013, a DNA test indicated that he belonged to the 'House of Bonaparte'.