Hot Hairy Men

There’s no denying the fact that hairy men are the hottest! If you’re someone who’s into men, wouldn’t you love to have a partner that is all warm, furry, and cuddly to snuggle up to? There’s also something about hairy men that makes them look like good “father figures,” and this is definitely a point to consider if you hope to have kids one day! We are not at all surprised that fans go gaga over all the hairy men in Hollywood!

1. Jamie Scott

Jamie Scott
Birthday: 12 February 1984
Born In: Rowtown/Ottershaw, Surrey,England
Sun Sign: Aquarius
Famous As: Singer-Songwriter
Thanks to his sexy stubble and eye-catching chest hair, Jamie Scott is one of the sexiest English singers of the current era.
Paul Rudd
Birthday: 06 April 1969
Born In: Passaic, New Jersey, United States
Sun Sign: Aries
Height: 5′10″
Famous As: Best Known for His Role of 'Ant-Man' in the Marvel Cinematic Universe Films
With or without beard Paul Rudd is one of the most handsome men in Hollywood. The different styles of beard that he displays only add to his sex appeal. Also, he is one of those actors who show off their chest hair in movies.
Ryan Reynolds
Birthday: 23 October 1976
Born In: Vancouver, Canada
Sun Sign: Libra
Height: 6′2″
Famous As: One of the Highest-Grossing Actors of All Time Known for His Role of 'Deadpool' in ‘Marvel’ Films
When clean-shaven, Ryan Reynolds is cute, but he appears majestic when he flaunts his beard and mustache.
Gerard Butler
Birthday: 13 November 1969
Born In: Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland
Sun Sign: Scorpio
Height: 6′2″
Famous As: Scottish Actor and Film Producer

It's impossible to imagine a clean-shaven Gerard Butler. Probably, even scriptwriters and filmmakers might not want him to look like that.

Hugh Jackman
Birthday: 12 October 1968
Born In: Sydney, Australia
Sun Sign: Libra
Famous As: Australian Actor Best Known for His Role as ‘Logan / Wolverine’ in the ‘X-Men’ Film Series
If not for his imposing locks, we would not have had Hugh Jackman playing one of the most iconic comic characters 'Wolverine'.