The 9 Most Bizarre Deaths of the Renaissance Era

Although inevitable, death is often regarded as the most feared and undesired incident in one’s life. While death happens in many ways, bizarre deaths can be the most gruesome. On the other hand, it can also be intriguing to read about such deaths. Here is a list of the most bizarre deaths of the Renaissance era that will have your eyebrows raised!

1. Francois Vatel

Francois Vatel
Birthday: 17 January 1631
Born In: Paris, France
Died On: 24 April 1671
Famous As: Majordomo
Francois Vatel was a majordomo, who was a stickler for perfection. According to records, he was distraught when the delivery of fish was delayed and other mishaps for a banquet of two thousand guests he was arranging. Disappointed over these incidents, he stabbed himself with his sword.

2. Humayun

Birthday: 06 March 1508
Born In: Kabul, Afghanistan
Died On: 27 January 1556
Famous As: 2nd Emperor of the Mughal Empire
Humayun hurt his temples after he tripped down a flight of stairs. Three days later, he succumbed to the injury.
Jean-Baptiste Lully
Birthday: 28 November 1632
Born In: Florence, Italy
Died On: 22 March 1687
Famous As: French Composer, Instrumentalist, and Dancer

Jean-Baptiste Lully was a music composer. Ironically, his death was due to an injury to his toe caused by a conducting staff during a performance. The wound became gangrenous. Against the advice of his doctor, he chose not to amputate. The gangrene spread, resulting in his death.

4. Arthur Aston

Arthur Aston
Birthday: 1590
Born In: Cheshire, England
Died On: 11 September 1649
Famous As: Soldier
The army officer, Arthur Aston, along with English royalists, had sought refuge at Millmount Fort to save himself from the raiding Parliamentarian Forces. However, during the scuffle between the two parties, Parliamentarian soldiers killed him by thrashing his brains out using his wooden leg.

5. Gyorgy Dozsa

Gyorgy Dozsa
Birthday: 1470
Born In: Dalnic, Romania
Died On: 20 July 1514
Famous As: Soldier
Gyorgy Dozsa's execution was gruesome. He was made to sit on a smoldering iron throne, wear a hot crown, and hold a fuming scepter. He was pierced with heated pliers, and his followers were compelled to eat his flesh. He did not survive the torture.