The Greatest Current Female Wrestlers in the WWE

‘Women's Revolution’ changed the WWE women's division forever, paving the way for more female wrestlers. Check out some of the greatest current WWE female wrestlers who often end up performing at the main event of major WWE shows around the world. These female wrestlers are called the greatest for a reason as they have taken the WWE women's division where no other previous wrestlers have taken!

Also Known As: Mercedes Justine Kaestner-Varnado
Birthday: 26 January 1992
Born In: Fairfield, California, United States
Sun Sign: Aquarius
Age: 29
A five-time WWE Raw Women's Champion, Sasha Banks is also the current WWE Women's Tag Team Champion (as of August 2020) along with Bayley.

Also Known As: Rebecca Quin, Rebecca Knox
Birthday: 30 January 1987
Born In: Limerick, Ireland
Sun Sign: Aquarius
Age: 34

As of April 2020, Becky Lynch was the highest-paid woman wrestler in WWE. The winner of the 2019 Women's Royal Rumble, Lynch is a three-time WWE SmackDown Women's Champion.

3. Asuka

Also Known As: Kanako Urai, Urai Kanako, Kana-hime, Aska Huyaska, Princess Kana, Ramen Woman
Birthday: 26 September 1981
Born In: Osaka, Osaka, Japan
Sun Sign: Libra
Age: 40

Asuka is the third 'Women's Triple Crown Champion' and second 'Women's Grand Slam Champion.' In 2019, she earned the 'WWE Year-End Award' for her tag team.

4. Bayley

Also Known As: Pamela Rose Martinez
Birthday: 15 June 1989
Born In: Newark, California, United States
Sun Sign: Gemini
Age: 32
Bayley has three firsts in WWE history. She is the first to become a 'WWE Women's Triple Crown Champion,' 'WWE Women's Grand Slam Champion,' and successfully defend the 'WWE Women's Championship.

Also Known As: Alexis Joann-Louise Kaufman, La Luchadora
Birthday: 09 August 1991
Born In: Columbus, Ohio, United States
Sun Sign: Leo
Age: 30
Alexa Bliss is the first two-time 'WWE Women's Tag Team Champion' and the second 'Women's Triple Crown Champion.'