The Greatest Female Musicians of All Time

In the 21st century, women are playing a dynamic role in the music world as singers, songwriters, instrumentalists, composers, and conductors. However, this has not always been the case. Even until the 20th century, women were significantly underrepresented in music, and hordes of musically-inclined women struggled to make a place for themselves in the male-dominated world of music. Despite the challenges faced by women musicians, several gutsy performers have persevered to enrich the music scene with their soulful contributions. Check out the greatest female musicians of all time!

Also Known As: CĂ©line Marie Claudette Dion
Birthday: 30 March 1968
Born In: Charlemagne, Canada
Sun Sign: Aries
Celine Dion's 1997 signature song, 'My Heart Will Go On,' was record-breaker. She has been honored with many accolades, including 'World Music Awards' and Grammy Awards. She continues to churn out soul-stirring numbers and inspire many.

Also Known As: Aretha Louise Franklin
Birthday: 25 March 1942
Born In: Memphis, Tennessee, United States
Sun Sign: Aries
Died On: 16 August 2018

The late musician Aretha Franklin is revered as the 'Queen of Soul.' Recognizing her contribution to music and entertainment, she was inducted into the 'Hollywood Walk of Fame.' She was also honored with the 'Presidential Medal of Freedom.'

Also Known As: Alicia Augello Cook
Birthday: 25 January 1981
Born In: Hell's Kitchen, New York, United States
Sun Sign: Aquarius
Alicia Keys is a trained classical pianist who started writing songs at the age of 12. Her debut album earned five Grammy Awards in 2002. She was bestowed with the honor of hosting the Grammy Awards twice; in 2019 and 2020.

Also Known As: Whitney Elizabeth Houston
Birthday: 09 August 1963
Born In: Newark, New Jersey, United States
Sun Sign: Leo
Died On: 11 February 2012
Whitney Houston was one of the greatest performers the music industry has seen. She holds the 'Guinness Records' for the most-awarded female artist.

5. Adele

Also Known As: Adele Laurie Blue Adkins
Birthday: 05 May 1988
Born In: Tottenham, London, England
Sun Sign: Taurus

One of the best-selling music artists in the world, Adele was ranked five on VH1's list of '100 Greatest Women in Music' in 2012. She has also received several prestigious awards, including 'Grammy Awards' and 'Brit Awards.'