The Hottest American Presidents, Ranked

Ok, we get it. While talking of presidents, term 'hot' is not generally the best adjective to describe them! Politicians are not really required to be 'hot', are they? As far as we believe, they need to be good at what they’re supposed to do: successfully govern the nation. However, what if we rank American Presidents on the basis of their physical attractiveness just for the sake of fun? A president who happens to be hot in addition to being a good one would be a dream come true!

Also Known As: John Fitzgerald Kennedy, JFK
Birthday: 29 May 1917
Born In: Brookline, Massachusetts, United States
Died On: 22 November 1963
John F. Keneddy is considered as one of the hottest American Presidents. He became president and a very young age and thanks to his dynamic personality, he had numerous extramarital relationships and affairs with popular women, including Marilyn Monroe, Marlene Dietrich, Gene Tierney, and Mary Pinchot Meyer.

Also Known As: Hiram Ulysses Grant
Birthday: 27 April 1822
Born In: Point Pleasant, Ohio, United States
Died On: 23 July 1885
Before becoming the 18th president, Ulysses S. Grant led the Union Army against the Confederate Army. While serving as the president, he worked tirelessly for the reconstruction of the Union.

Also Known As: Teddy, Theodore Roosevelt Jr., T. R.
Birthday: 27 October 1858
Born In: New York, United States
Died On: 06 January 1919
In 1912, while campaigning in Wisconsin, Theodore Roosevelt was shot in his chest. However, he refused medical attention and delivered his scheduled speech while covered in blood. He lived with the bullet lodged in his chest for the rest of his life.    

Also Known As: President Jefferson, T. Jefferson
Birthday: 13 April 1743
Born In: Shadwell, Virginia, United States
Died On: 04 July 1826
Apart from his political career, Jefferson invented several practical devices. He also strived towards bettering contemporary inventions, such as pedometer and polygraph. He is also credited as the inventor of the swivel chair.

Also Known As: Rutherford Birchard Hayes
Birthday: 04 October 1822
Born In: Delaware, Ohio, United States
Died On: 17 January 1893

Rutherford B. Hayes championed for meritocracy in administration and advocated for equality of people without considering the social status, economic standing, and race.