The Most Unusual Deaths in the Ancient World

From tyrannical kings to bloody battles, the ancient world was very different to the one we live in today. Thanks to torturous capital punishment and simply the ancient way of life, the ancient world has witnessed some of the most unusual deaths. Here is a list where you can read about such deaths.

Birthday: 525
Died On: 456
Famous As: Greek Tragedian
Aeschylus was killed by a fatal head injury caused by a falling tortoise dropped by an eagle.  It is believed that the eagle intended to crush the shell of the tortoise by dropping it on a rock and mistook his head for one.

Birthday: 535
Died On: 475
Famous As: Philosopher

There are various versions of Heraclitus' death. Most of them include the theory that he buried himself in cow manure, hoping the manure would cure dropsy from which he was suffering. Neathes of Cyzicus had stated that Heraclitus was eaten by dogs after he had smeared himself with dung.

Birthday: 370
Died On: 415
Famous As: Mathematician, Philosopher, Astronomer, Writer

The brutality of Hypatia's murder sent shockwaves throughout the Eastern Roman Empire. It is said that she was stripped naked by a mob that skinned her alive using oyster shells. It is also said that her eyeballs were gouged out and her body was ripped into pieces.

5. Mithridates: Consumed By Insects 

Died On: 02 401
Famous As: Soldier

Mithridates was sentenced to death by scaphism. Scaphism is a method of execution wherein the victim is covered with milk and honey, allowing insects and other vermin to devour him or her over a period of time. Mithridates suffered for 17 days before passing away.