Top Actors of the 1950s

The 1950s saw the rise of method actors like Marlon Brando and zany comedians like Dean Martin. The decade is also remembered for the achievements of stars like William Holden, who was one of the major box-office draws of the 1950s. Other actors who made a significant impact during the decade include Gregory Peck, Montgomery Clift, and Lee Marvin. Continue reading to know about other top actors of the 1950s.
Marlon Brando
Also Known As: Marlon Ernest Brando Jr.
Nickname: Bud, Mr Mumbles
Birthday: 03 April 1924
Born In: Omaha, Nebraska, United States
Sun Sign: Aries
Died On: 01 July 2004

One of the greatest movie actors of all time, heartthrob of millions of women around the world, and a cultural icon, who had immense influence on actors of future generations, there are very few like Marlon Brando. In a career spanning six decades, Marlon Brando delivered critical and commercial successes in movies like A Streetcar Named Desire and The Godfather.

John Wayne
Also Known As: Marion Robert Morrison, Duke
Birthday: 26 May 1907
Born In: Winterset, Iowa, United States
Sun Sign: Gemini
Died On: 11 June 1979

Famous for his roles in Western films in the mid-20th century, actor John Wayne was among the top box office draws for three decades. In a career spanning over half a century, he starred in 142 motion pictures. Upon his death, he came to be recognized as “an enduring icon who symbolized and communicated American values and ideals.”

James Stewart
Also Known As: James Maitland Stewart
Birthday: 20 May 1908
Born In: Indiana, Pennsylvania, United States
Sun Sign: Taurus
Died On: 02 July 1997

Best known for his everyman screen persona, James Stewart was ranked third in the greatest American male actors list published by the American Film Institute (AFI) in 1999. During his 55-year acting career, he displayed strong morality both on and off the screen, as a result of which he epitomized the ideal American man of the 20th century.

Gary Cooper
Also Known As: Frank James Cooper
Birthday: 07 May 1901
Born In: Helena, Montana, United States
Sun Sign: Taurus
Died On: 13 May 1961

Gary Cooper was one of the most popular and versatile American actors of all time. Known for his understated acting style, Cooper won the adulation of critics, fans, and fellow movie stars. A major movie star throughout the golden age of cinema, Cooper was ranked 11th on the 25 greatest male stars of classic Hollywood cinema list published by AFI.

Clark Gable
Also Known As: William Clark Gable
Birthday: 01 February 1901
Born In: Cadiz, Ohio, United States
Sun Sign: Aquarius
Died On: 16 August 1960

Popularly known as The King of Hollywood, Clark Gable appeared as a leading man for 30 years in an acting career that spanned 37 years. One of the most bankable Hollywood stars in the history of American cinema, Clark Gable was named in the greatest male star of classic American cinema list published by the American Film Institute.