Top Actors of the 1990s

The brilliance of Hollywood filmmakers became increasingly apparent during the 1990s. Strong filmmaking skills were now backed by technological innovations, which resulted in visually striking films. While already established actors like Robert De Niro and Morgan Freeman used the opportunity to expand their repertoire of skills, actors like Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise, who had their respective breakthroughs in the 1990s, went on to become great actors themselves! Know about other top actors of the 1990s in the list below.
Brad Pitt
Also Known As: William Bradley Pitt
Birthday: 18 December 1963
Born In: Shawnee, Oklahoma, United States
Sun Sign: Sagittarius
Height: 5′11″

Counted among the most influential and powerful people in the American entertainment industry, Brad Pitt is an actor and film producer who has appeared in many big-budget productions. He was cited as the world’s most attractive man for several years. He is also involved in various philanthropic and humanitarian endeavors.

Keanu Reeves
Also Known As: Keanu Charles Reeves
Birthday: 02 September 1964
Born In: Beirut, Lebanon
Sun Sign: Virgo
Height: 6′1″

The star of John Wick, Speed and The Matrix films, Keanu Reeves has displayed his wide range as an actor, time and again. The humble Canadian actor has also famously given away his money to recognise the work of crew and to enable the production team to hire good actors.

Morgan Freeman
Birthday: 01 June 1937
Born In: Memphis, Tennessee, United States
Sun Sign: Gemini
Height: 6′2″

Prominent character actor, Morgan Freeman, has appeared in a range of film genres playing versatile roles. He is known for his distinctive deep voice. In a career spanning over half a century, he has received various accolades, including an Academy Award and a Golden Globe Award. Besides acting, he is an advocate of environmental causes.

Leonardo DiCaprio
Also Known As: Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio
Birthday: 11 November 1974
Born In: Los Angeles, California, United States
Sun Sign: Scorpio
Height: 6′0″

Leonardo DiCaprio is a name every movie lover reveres. An Oscar, a BAFTA, and 3 Golden Globes does not do justice to DiCaprio’s immensely skilful performances and his top-notch portrayals of addicts, historical figures and business tycoons. From epic dramas and romances to crime and political thrillers, DiCaprio has constantly left a mark in each of his films.

Tom Hanks
Also Known As: Thomas Jeffrey Hanks
Birthday: 09 July 1956
Born In: Concord, California, United States
Sun Sign: Cancer

One of the most popular and recognizable film stars worldwide, Tom Hanks is known for both his comedic and dramatic roles. Making his breakthrough with leading roles in the 1980s, he went on to further cement his place in Hollywood in the 1990s by taking up poignant and sensitive roles. He is also a director, producer, and screenwriter.