13 Unexpected Friendships Between Historical Figures

While friendships are special, unexpected friendships are extra special. No, we are not talking about a cat hanging out with a mouse, but historical figures who have shared cordial relationships with one another. Not just love, even friendships can happen in the most unexpected ways possible. Continue reading to know more.

1. Mary Todd Lincoln and Elizabeth Keckley

Former slave Elizabeth Keckley worked as the dressmaker of Mary Todd Lincoln. Despite being of different races and hailing from contrasting social backgrounds, the two women became close friends. In addition to being a skilled dressmaker, Keckley was also a kind woman who supported her friend Mary when the latter lost a child.

2. Marilyn Monroe and Ella Fitzgerald

Jazz icon, Ella Fitzgerald, and Hollywood star, Marilyn Monroe, shared a beautiful friendship that defied all odds. Fitzgerald was a woman of color who often faced discrimination because of her race. Monroe, a white woman, was a true ally to her friend and stood in solidarity with her whenever she faced racial discrimination.

3. Samuel Beckett and André the Giant

Irish novelist, playwright, and short-story writer, Samuel Beckett, was an interesting personality known for offering a bleak, tragicomic outlook on human existence through his works. He was good friends with Andre the Giant, a French professional wrestler and actor. The wide age gap between the men did not matter to either and they enjoyed each other's company.

4. Buster Keaton and Harry Houdini

American actor, comedian, film director, and producer, Buster Keaton, had a long and profound friendship with illusionist, Harry Houdini, who was his father's business partner. Despite their age difference, the two men got along well. It is often said that it was Houdini who gave Keaton his famous nickname!

5. Max Gendelman and Karl Kirschner

The friendship between Max Gendelman and Karl Kirschner was an extremely beautiful yet unlikely one. American GI sniper Max Gendelman and Karl Kirschner, a German Lieutenant Luftwaffe pilot, met and became friends during the Battle of the Bulge. The men braved many challenges and remained the best of friends for life.